Warranty & Returns

Warranty and Returns

What is your return policy?

Sorry, we do not accept returns. Refer to our warranty policy for more details.


What is your warranty policy?

We are here to address issues you might have encountered with the products you bought on our website. Our warranty only covers items that:

(i) has a defect or physical damage, or

(ii) was misrepresented by us in the listing i.e. we stated it to be in a different condition.

You have 7 days to bring back the item for a full refund which will be credited to your user account and applied as a store credit for your next purchase provided you bring it back in its original packaging and the condition it was sold to you. Serial number of the items we sell are all recorded, to prevent fraud, so please to avoid being prosecuted only bring back items you bought from us.

Please note our warranty does not cover minor or easy to fix issues such as missing basic hardware such as generic bolts, screws, nuts, and dowels, or paperwork such as manuals even if not stated missing on the listing.


Does manufacturer warranty apply to items we sell?

We are not authorized sellers/resellers of any of the items we list on our website, so manufacturer's warranties do not apply to the items that we sell. If you are wondering why, it is simply because we are not retailers that get products directly from the manufacturer. If you are concerned about manufacturer’s warranties, we will advise you look up each item you want to bid on and see what the manufacturer’s policy is, since some manufacturers will honor their warranty if you present any proof of purchase, while some only care if the serial numbers are valid, and others will honor their warranty if you have the warranty sheet that came with the item.