About Us

Welcome to 905 Liquidation, where affordability meets quality in every purchase! What began as a humble garage venture has blossomed into a thriving business committed to providing our customers with premium items at unbeatable prices.

Driven by a passion for environmental sustainability, we rescue overstock, undelivered, end-of-season, and customer-returned treasures from major retailers, rescuing them from a fate in landfills or incinerators. Our journey from garage to warehouse reflects the demand for our offerings, prompting the launch of our own website.

In a world grappling with inflation, 905 Liquidation stands firm in its commitment to delivering brand names and premium goods at deeply discounted rates. Our belief is simple: You shouldn't overpay for quality, and that's where we come in – your destination for incredible deals!

Explore our extensive collection of over 1000 items, ranging from premium electronics and fashionable finds to everyday essentials. All sourced from reliable suppliers affiliated with major retailers such as Wayfair, Home Depot, Walmart, Amazon, and Costco.

While our offerings may exhibit the occasional rough packaging, minor scratches, or dents, rest assured that the majority are in pristine condition. Our detailed descriptions and accompanying photos provide a transparent view of each item, empowering you to make informed choices.

Founded by two friends in Ontario, 905 Liquidation was born out of a quest for affordable products during challenging times. We understand the value of quality at an accessible cost, and that ethos permeates every aspect of our brand.

Embrace the revolution of smart shopping – where damaged shipping boxes don't diminish the quality of your find. At 905 Liquidation, it's not just about getting a good deal; it's about embracing a community that values both savings and quality.

- 905Liquidation Team