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1 USB-A 1 USB-C In-Wall 2-Outlet 2-USB Receptacle, White

1 USB-A 1 USB-C In-Wall 2-Outlet 2-USB Receptacle, White

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Optimize your outlets with the GE-branded In-Wall USB Charger. This innovative solution features two grounded outlets, a USB-C port (3.0 Amp, 15-Watt), and a USB-A port (2.4 Amp, 12-Watt), transforming a standard outlet into a versatile charging station. Upgrade any indoor outlet effortlessly, reducing the need for adapters and providing a tidy charging space for smartphones, tablets, and wearables. The in-wall receptacle comes with white and light almond faceplates, accommodating various decor styles, and additional faceplate options in black, ivory, and brown. Simplify charging with the GE In-Wall USB Charger. 


  • 2 tamper-resistant AC outlets for safety when not in use
  • 1 USB-C port provides 3.0 Amp/15-Watt of power to charge your newest devices
  • 1 USB-A port powers your standard USB electronics with a 2.4 Amp/12-Watt capacity
  • 5.4 Amp to quickly charge your devices
  • White and light almond faceplate included to match existing outlets
  • Black, ivory and brown faceplates available for added versatility

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